- a Movement and Game-based Reading Program

by Jean Borne McCaulley, MAEd,

Early Childhood & Reading Specialist


           What is

     Teach a Kid to Read?

Teach a Kid to Read Series is sixteen fun, movement and game-based, scripted, interactive ebooks containing sequential research-based reading lessons that directly teach all the reading skills. 


Through Mastery Learning, these sixteen books directly teach every reading skill in sequential order, building on the previously taught skills, creating a rock solid reading foundation for all learning to follow. The series is designed to be read on a touchscreen device.

The Teach a Kid to Read Series takes the kid from learning to read to reading to learn, from learning sounds to fluency.


I wrote this series to address several glaring problems present in other reading methods I see taught now. Some of these problems are:

·      isolating a kid to interact only with the screen with an app or video

·      introducing practice before the skill was taught

·      incomplete reading skills

·      incorrect sequence of reading skills

·      not teaching reading skills directly

·      boring drill

·      no movement

·      no games

·      only sight words

·      only phonics

·      no script

·      doesn’t teach Common Core Standards

·      no writing component: Teach a Kid to Read features Journal Writing



        What does Teach a

         Kid to Read do?

#1: Makes it fun!

Research has confirmed that relationship and fun interactive lessons create positive emotion. Positive emotion is the primary and most vital component of any learning or information processing act; this increased attention is essential for the process of learning.



#2 Makes it a Relationship


Teach a Kid to Read lessons require a relationship between teacher and student and the book. The lessons have the teacher and student sitting side by side interacting with the book on the screen together.


It is not a freestanding app or video. It requires interaction.


#3 Teaches Kids To Read

 Easily, Efficiently, & Thoroughly



The instructor reads the script as they both participate interactively with the book.

~ All the vowel sounds are taught with movement in the order of frequency of use to be used as a reading strategy later.

~ The student learns and uses sight words in the context of delightful readers and games.

~ The students learn to write in a journal, describing their own pictures.


#4 Creates Positive Screen Time



Screen time has come to mean isolation. Everyone is interacting with their device and not each other.

What can we do to positively affect our kids’ relationship with the screen? We can use it to interact with each other!

Teach a Kid to Read has the teacher and student sitting side by side interacting with the book on the screen


Teachers can use it easily in their classrooms on interactive whiteboards.



Preview Book 1: Lesson 1 (Letter A and Word A)

Amazon Preview : Book 1

Preview Book 2: Lesson 1: Sight and Short /a/ Words

Preview Book 2: Lesson 2: Th sound and Lesson 2

Amazon Preview Book 2

Amazon Preview Book 3

Amazon Preview Book 4

Amazon Preview Book 5

Amazon Preview Book 6

Why scripted lessons?

According to research, scripted lessons are more efficient to provide:

·      highly sequenced instruction

·      clear and concise directions

·      teacher guidance

·      active student participation

·      assessment probes in order to practice and master new knowledge and skills


Is your kid ready to read?

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